Who we are

This site was conceived and created by David Wilk. I am and have been a writer, editor, publisher, book distributor and web marketer and have been an environmental activist for many years. Like many people, I have felt that there are just so many environmental, social and political problems that need our attention that it is almost impossible to act - the sheer scope of issues makes it more difficult to focus our energy on positive change. One day, after reading Charles Fishman's brilliant article "Message in a Bottle" on Fast Company magazine's website, I realized that the issue of bottled water carries the essence of almost all the problems we face in modern society. And because clean drinking water is so basic to our lives, these issues and concerns affect everyone and should be relatively easy to address. So on impulse, I made the decision to dedicate a significant portion of my time and my own money to helping people better understand the consequences of drinking bottled water. And Turn to Tap was born. It is my deep wish and heartfelt belief that this site can become an important source of information and create a positive change in the way we live our lives. I hope you will agree and welcome anyone to join in this effort. I live in Weston, Connecticut, a town with no public drinking water or sewer system.