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ClearWater Initiative is a non-governmental charitable organization that needs your support


It is our mission to provide clean water to populations affected by natural or man-made humanitarian emergencies. We respond by promoting and funding both established and innovative clean water solutions. Our projects are implemented in partnerships with local Ugandan engineers. Projects are audited to ensure accountability.

Vision and Goals

Within 5 years, ClearWater’s vision is to provide access to potable water to 50,000 people. Within 10 years ClearWater will provide clean water to 250,000 people in need.

Deep Green Resistance Workshop

Deep Green Resistance
A Weekend Workshop with Derrick Jensen, Aric McBay and Lierre Keith

We live in the most destructive culture to ever exist. In Derrick's talks around the country he repeatedly asks his audiences, "Does anyone think this culture will voluntarily transform to a sustainable way of living?" No one ever says yes. If we really accept the seriousness of the situation, what would that mean for our strategy and tactics? This is the urgent question we will be exploring over the weekend.

Topics to include:
Organizing the Resistance

Vermont Brewers' Festival in Burlington, VT goes Bottle-Free

From Food & Water Watch
Dear Supporter,
We wanted to let you know about an exciting event coming up that we'll be participating in, and invite you to join us there!

Take the Bottle Water Free Orientation Challenge!

Thanks to the Polaris Institute in Canada for their great programs -

Now is the time to promote a bottled water free orientation/event to your Student Union and PIRG for Fall 2009. Here are two ways you can help: 1) Send Elly the contact info of your campus orientation organizers; 2) Call or meet with your orientation leaders to discuss bottled water free events. If you think you can do either of these tasks, please email Elly Adeland, Water and Energy Campaigner at:


by Jill Fehrenbacher -

Michelle Brand is an eco designer maker based in Manchester, England. Her work is in direct response to environmental problems, and inspiration evolves from the unseen beauty of everyday objects. To describe her recent work recycling plastic water bottles she says:

A site we recommend:

Poland Spring/Nestle Facing Challenges in Maine (Wonders Why??)
by TC --
With Nestle/Poland Springs facing growing opposition in Maine, you knew the self-righteous whining was sure to follow. And sure enough, it has.
From the Portland Press Herald: Challenges piling up for Poland Spring

Think Bottled Water is Bad, Could Bottled Orange Juice Be Even Worse?

Treehugger's Matthew McDermott reports: You’d have to have been living under a rock for the past year, or perhaps exhibiting some willful ignorance, to have missed all the discussion about the environmental problems with the global bottled water industry. Here on TreeHugger, just last week, Pablo came to the conclusion that, yes, bottled water really is that bad. Which got us thinking: What about bottled juices?

New Years Resolution: Live on 13 Gallons of Water a Day

This is a great story.  (I picked it up from Alternet - and they picked it up from Water for the Ages - visit this site to keep up with the author's one week project).

Public Citizen: Activists' Guide to Fight Water Privatization

This is an introductory guide to being a water privatization organizer in your community.  We hope you find this guide to be a useful learning tool as well as a helpful resource for information on the water industry.  To make this guide easy to navigate, we have divided it into sections. Please keep in mind that Public Citizen's Water For All team is always available to help you build your own campaign.  Please email us or call us at 202-588-1000 and ask to speak with so