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by Jill Fehrenbacher -

Michelle Brand is an eco designer maker based in Manchester, England. Her work is in direct response to environmental problems, and inspiration evolves from the unseen beauty of everyday objects. To describe her recent work recycling plastic water bottles she says:

A site we recommend:

Poland Spring/Nestle Facing Challenges in Maine (Wonders Why??)
by TC --
With Nestle/Poland Springs facing growing opposition in Maine, you knew the self-righteous whining was sure to follow. And sure enough, it has.
From the Portland Press Herald: Challenges piling up for Poland Spring

Think Bottled Water is Bad, Could Bottled Orange Juice Be Even Worse?

Treehugger's Matthew McDermott reports: You’d have to have been living under a rock for the past year, or perhaps exhibiting some willful ignorance, to have missed all the discussion about the environmental problems with the global bottled water industry. Here on TreeHugger, just last week, Pablo came to the conclusion that, yes, bottled water really is that bad. Which got us thinking: What about bottled juices?

New Years Resolution: Live on 13 Gallons of Water a Day

This is a great story.  (I picked it up from Alternet - and they picked it up from Water for the Ages - visit this site to keep up with the author's one week project).

Tell Nestlé to Stop Bullying Public Water

Residents of Miami-Dade recently heard a public service announcement encouraging them to drink their tap water and reminding them that bottled water doesn't go through the same stringent testing as tap water. It's a good message -- so good that it's got corporate water baron Nestlé shooting off geysers.