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Public Citizen: Activists' Guide to Fight Water Privatization

This is an introductory guide to being a water privatization organizer in your community.  We hope you find this guide to be a useful learning tool as well as a helpful resource for information on the water industry.  To make this guide easy to navigate, we have divided it into sections. Please keep in mind that Public Citizen's Water For All team is always available to help you build your own campaign.  Please email us or call us at 202-588-1000 and ask to speak with so


Canada seems to be generating alot of good ideas these days.  This looks like an idea our friends to the north could export to us...I can imagine water products stores in every large city in America.

Pioneering Alternatives for Metro Vancouver’s Unique Water Conditions

New York Times: Movement Against Bottled Water Gains Municipal Adherents

LONG ISLAND residents love to stay hydrated on the go — they consumed half a billion bottles of water in the past year. The evidence is everywhere: plastic bottles stuffed in treadmill cup holders at the gym, lined up neatly along the buffet table at office meetings and, even more often, tossed empty on the side of the road.

But where you won’t find them sold, at least, is at the public park, Town Hall or any other municipal facility in Babylon Town.

Break the Bottled Water Habit!

Join the growing number of people who are pledging to drink tap instead of bottled water - and win great prizes from our friends at New American Dream.

Bottled water is expensive and resource intensive. Tap water is SAFE, inexpensive and readily available. That's why thousands of people around the U.S. are taking the pledge to Break Their Bottled Water Habit.

Send in your stories of positive change

Using tap water and filters?  Switching to re-usable water bottles?  Using tap water dispensers at work?  Share your stories of positive change and help others see how they can make change for themselves.  Send your personal stories and pictures to  Please make sure to say if it is OK to mention your name on this site.  Free Turntotap organic cotton t-shirt to the authors of the best stories, which we will post here.

unrecycled water bottlesunrecycled water bottles