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Good News Bad News: Bottled-Water Price War Heats Up as Demand Falls


The Wall Street Journal recently reported: "Bottled-water makers have stepped up a months-long price war this summer to win back customers who have turned on the tap to save money and reduce environmental waste."

First reaction - great news, people are paying attention (and maybe the change in the economic circumstances of millions has helped change their thinking about the practicality of bottled water)!  Second reaction - oops, lower prices will mean higher consumption.  

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Here's a great blog I just discovered and really like alot.  Lots of good stories about ban the bottle campaigns that are going on in many places, and tools and information for starting your own.  And here is some of the information this site provides:

 The recommended eight glasses of water a day, at U.S. tap rates equals about $.49 per year; that same amount of bottled water is about $1,400.

SAFE WATER: The New Pepsi Challenge


by John Bain (GoodB's Green Blogger)  The plastic bottle may soon be going the way of the professional fracker.

PepsiCo recently announced a new bottle made entirely of plant material – that’s right, PepsiCo, and this thing is 100% made from plants. As a bonus, the production of the bottle employs things you once thought were waste products – corn husks and the like.  

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We do.  And yes, we could use your help.  TurnToTap is looking for volunteers who would like to help run this site and increase the reach of what we have been doing for the past couple of years.  If you have a few hours a week to give to what we think is an important and meaningful project, please send an email to  We need help with research, posting water stories and news, writing blog posts, putting out our newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and more.  No experience is necessary, just a commitment, some energy and some time.

Derrick Jensen: High on Progress


Derrick Jensen is one of my heroes, his deep commitment to the natural world and opposition to the current destructive culture is unmatched.  His essay, "High on Progress" in the Orion Magazine May/June essay should be read by anyone who wonders how we can move beyond our current gridlock of ideas and actions for change.  Here is an excerpt: