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It's time to get mad - and then get busy

This little website may not have a large readership, but we are going to put all our energy into supporting Bill McKibben's latest call to action:  IT IS TIME TO ACT ON GLOBAL WARMING.  Bill has written a brilliant piece we urge all to read.  In it he quotes David Brower, the greatest environmentalist of the late twentieth century, (who) explained amid the fight to save the Grand Canyon: "We are to hold fast to what we believe is right, fight for it, and find allies and adduce all possib

Belu Water - Is this the model for progressive businesses to change the world?


It surprises me that Belu Water in the UK has not been written about more in the USA and Canada, and even more surprising that its model has not been replicated elsewhere.  I'm currently researching more deeply into what they do and how they do it, but so far it all looks pretty good.  Corn-based plastic that composts in 12 weeks (designed by Design21 - better design for the greater good).  Profits go to places that do not have clean water (first project is in Ta

Nice post at The Bottled Water Fairytale


Tara Cronica is about exploring the never ending desires that fuel all life while finding lyrical beauty in everyday happenings - a site created by three Canadian women with alot of smart things to say.  One of them, Bonnie Johnson posted "The Bottled Water Fairytale" on November 28th, with links to Bundanoon, the Australian town that has gone bottled water free and Tapped, the wonderful documentary we have recommended here before.

Here's an excerpt:

Canada Again - The Public Water Initiative at University of Toronto


I've noted it before that Canada and Canadians seem to be much more conscious about water issues than the US and Americans.  This may not be literally true, it's an impression based on reading literally hundreds of web entries and blog posts on water issues over the past couple of years.  The story below is another great example.

Water Issues: keep talking about them


When I started this site I searched widely for stories about bottled water, and found several key articles in print and online form that provided key information about why bottled water is so bad for all of us.  Clearly, I was not alone in this interest - the number of articles about the negative impacts bottled water has increased tremendously during the past year.  What's really interesting is the number of stories that continue to refer to older articles about bottled water (because these "base" articles are so good!).  I think this is good news - the more people talk about