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Getting rid of bottled water is complicated - but the point is to start thinking about the effects of our behaviors!


Here's a really terrific piece by Jeff Swartz, the CEO of Timberland from that company's Earthkeepers newsletter.  He is a passionate and socially engaged manager.  What this is about is the complexity of change and the challenges that arise from making a commitment to real change. The point is that we *all* need to engage the issues of daily life - and sooner rather than later.

Blue Communities Project highlights water issues

Canadians seem always to be a bit farther ahead of Americans on environmental issues of all kinds.  While the references in the article below are all Canadian, the principles are easily transferrable.  Tell local, state and federal government agencies to reduce their use of bottled water and highlight the importance of a publicly supported water infrastructure.  Private enterprise is not always the answer to every problem, in fact it is more likely to be the source of problems we are all experiencing.

Big Green Purse Blog: Want to Increase Plastic Bottle Recycling? Put a Deposit on It.


by Diane MacEachern, founder and CEO of Big Green Purse.  If it's not easy to recycle something, is it really recyclable?

That's a fair question to ask, since we consumers are constantly being reassured that a product is "green" or "greener" because it is "recyclable" - even when, in reality, the product is barely being recycled at all.

Bottles, Bottles, Everywhere...

Posted by Ramon Cruz in Drinking Water

Ramon CruzThis post is by Ramon Cruz, Senior Policy Analyst for Living Cities at Environmental Defense Fund.

#4 of Time Magazine's Top 10 Food Trends: The war on bottled water


I subscribe to Google Alerts for information about bottled water.   At least once a week I find a new site that is worth spending some time with.  This week I discovered a food service industry blogger - Nick Borelli - whose blog is called NickSpace ("My goal is to make our client's vision a reality!").  His article about changes in the way bottled water is being handled in restaurants is worth a read. 

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