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Water for the Ages

Water is life, something humankind learns as a child. Water, air, and sustenance are critical to survival. This is true for a majority of living creatures, as well as for the planet of Earth.

This water blog was created as a place to aggregate information pertaining to international water issues. Because water is an encompassing topic, primary subjects will include (in no particular order):

  • Water Availability
  • Water Management
  • Water Privatization
  • Water Processes
  • Water Quality
  • Water Quantity

Of special importance to me is the juxtaposition of the global economic system and developing countries, especially capitalism’s effects on water in these countries.

Frank's Green Blog

News and Views on the Environment

Great Lakes Blogger


David Wilk's consulting and book packaging site

Index Research (The Impending Water Apocalypse)

Sarah Meyer (UK) I only just discovered this blog, covers a variety of topics (Afghanistan, Iraq, Environment). Very strong and highly recommended.

Simply Green Living

Living More Simply, Living Greener, Leaving a Lesser Impact, Reducing My Footprint, Getting Back to Basics, Living the Not So Big Life, Focusing on What Really Matters... There are many thing that this is about, it all comes down to: Less is More.

Fake Plastic Fish

They're cute, and if we don't solve our plastic problem, they could be the only kind we have left.
And she reads the same books I do too.

100th Monkey

I post on my modest blog my successes and sometimes failures in my quest to become a better environmentalist. It is my hope that one by one we will each begin to make changes until the day we reach The Hundredth Monkey.

Food and Water Watch: Water

Required reading for anyone interested in water issues, USA and global.


Bringing you green news, commentary and and services

Extensive content on many subjects of interest with a very good perspective on change and how to do it.