Bottled Water Impacts


Bottled water impacts 2006

These figures for 2006 highlight the problems many associate with the production of plastic bottles
of water in the United States.

•More than 25.5 billion plastic water bottles are sold each year in the US.•

•More than 17 million barrels of oil (not including fuel for transportation) were used in
plastic bottle production.

•Bottling water produced more than 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide.

•It takes approximately 3 liters of water to produce 1 liter of bottled water.

Religious orders bring clout to war on bottled water

Religious orders bring clout to war on bottled water


What's Tappening?


A couple of very smart marketers, Mark DiMassimo, creative director of marketing shop DiMassimo Goldstein, and Eric Yaverbaum, president of public relations agency Ericho Communications, have launched, to "brand" tap water and increase awareness of the problems of bottled water.  Their site is great and I highly recommend visiting it right away.  You can quickly join, send "a message in a bottle to the bottled water industry" from their site and read their almost daily blog of water news.  http://tappening

So What About Bottled Water featured on

Visit PlaySportsTV - a great site for youth sports - to read our article promoting alternatives to bottled water and bottled sports drinks -

So, What about Bottled Water?

Tell your friends who have kids too.

Here's the link:

Play Sports TV LogoPlay Sports TV Logo

BOTTLED WATER BOYCOTTS:Back-to-the-Tap Movement Gains Momentum


Think Outside the BottleThink Outside the Bottle
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Consumers 'to turn on to tap water and natural products'


TAP water is back in vogue, according to trend-watchers who predict consumers will opt for more natural products, lighter make-up and luxury versions of household products in 2008.

Bottled water is falling out of favour with restaurant-goers, claims a report by analysts Mintel, amid concerns over price and the environmental impact of shipping water from remote locations.

Exploring The Environmental Costs Of Bottled Water


Politicians, Activists Hoping To Reduce Bottled Water Consumption Through Taxes, Awareness Reporting Antonio Mora CHICAGO (CBS) ― The bottled water industry is booming and people everywhere can be spotted toting water bottles, but it's also become a target for environmentalists and government agencies. The Chicago City Council recently approved a five-cent tax per bottle. CBS 2's Antonio Mora reports on why some people are bagging the bottles.

On the Trail of Water Bottle Toxins


Are Hikers and Others Quenching
Outdoor Thirsts with H2-UH-OH?

For years, hikers, bikers, campers, and other outdoor recreationalists have favored wide-mouthed water bottles made from Lexan® polycarbonate plastic, like those sold under the brand name Nalgene®. Lexan‚s advantages have been as clear as the water that flows from containers made from it. It‚s tough, lightweight, absorbs no flavors, and imparts no unpleasant tastes to liquids stored inside. According to new research, it may, however, be imparting unhealthy doses of a chemical called bisphenol-A.

The Bottled Water Backlash


By Michael Blanding, AlterNet
Posted on October 19, 2007

At Bella Luna Restaurant in Boston's funky Jamaica Plain neighborhood, you'll find star-shaped paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling and gourmet pizzas named after Red Sox players. Downstairs, the attached Milky Way Lounge & Lanes boasts a seven-lane bowling alley and a Latin dance night on Saturdays.

But there is one thing you won't find at either venue: bottled water.