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Bottled Water is a Source of Bisexuality?


While filming the latest season Celebrity Rehab, the Baywatch hunk, Jeremy Jackson, known as Hobie, claims that bottled water is a source of bisexuality. Yes, you read that correctly, Jeremy Jackson believes the chemicals in bottled water will alter his heterosexuality and cause him to desire with other men. Keep in mind, Jackson is on the popular reality rehab show to nix his addiction to cattle tranquilizer steroids.

AOL Savings Experiment: Break Your Bottled Water Habit and Save


Barbara Thau - Mar 8th 2011
Bottled water? That's so '80s.  (Watch the video )
The $14.4 billion bottled-water market has come under fire for being environmentally incorrect as those discarded plastic containers keep piling up in landfills.
What is your primary source of water?

The Tap

A Filter

Bottled Water

A delivery service


Mecosta County, Michigan Takes Action


Mecosta County, Michigan, lies at the center of a water issue that is only beginning to be heard in the bottled water debate: should a multinational be allowed to privatize a public resource?

When Nestle announced plans to build a water bottling plant in Mecosta in 2000, some residents were alarmed.

And – it turns out – with good cause.Stop Nestle WatersStop Nestle Waters

Village in India Evacuates to Protest Bottled Water Plant

via Blogsite Inside the Bottle:
This story from India shows what lengths local populations will go through to protect water resources.
People leave village protesting mineral water
July 6, 2010, The Times of India

New book "Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water"


Peter Gleick is the President of the Pacific Institute based out of Oakland, California. Gleick is an engineer (PhD, Energy and Resources, UC Berkeley) and is an internationally recognized water expert. His new book "Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water" (published by Island Press) is all about the politics, economics and science of bottled water. Moreover, the book addresses marketing and advertising of bottled water, bottled water claims, the growing revolt against bottled water etc.