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Judge Rules Aquafina Suits Pre-empted, Source of Water Not Relevant to 'Purity'


An attempt to sue PepsiCo for misrepresenting that Aquafina water comes from a pure mountain spring and not from public water supplies has been defeated by federal pre-emption.

Plaintiffs in multidistrict litigation claimed they believed that the iconic picture of mountains with a red-orange sun behind them on the label accompanied by the slogan "Pure Water-Perfect Taste" meant that bottled water came from a pure stream. But they lost out because the federal Food and Drug Administration defines purity and Aquafina fits its definition.

Coca-Cola's Latest Environmental Scam


Under fire for its mismanagement of water resources in India, Coke has gone all out to create an image of itself as a leader in water conservation.

By Amit Srivastava, India Resource Center. Reprinted from Alternet.

New book from Tappening and Hatherleigh Press: Ad and PR gurus team with publisher to serve the earth


Tappening-a campaign created by PR heavyweight Eric Yaverbaum and advertising CEO Mark DiMassimo to inform people about the wastefulness of bottled water and encourage the use of its easy environmental alternative, tap water-and the publishing company Hatherleigh Press have joined forces in a big way over a little book: You Can Save the Earth. The book celebrates some of the easiest and most effective ways to make a difference in the world.

Talking Faucet Spouts Off, Angers Bottled Water Company


A bottled water producer became uncorked when the Miami-Dade water company placed radio ads that featured a talking faucet. This faucet would gab in a Brooklyn-style accent about the superb quality of water that came from its fellow taps. The vocal faucet would say things like, “Bottled water is not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Tap water is.

Bottled water firm to launch refund program


Canadian Springs says 25-cent deposit-for-refund on 500 ml containers best method of cutting waste (and Turntotap agrees, this is a great idea!