Belu Water - Is this the model for progressive businesses to change the world?


It surprises me that Belu Water in the UK has not been written about more in the USA and Canada, and even more surprising that its model has not been replicated elsewhere.  I'm currently researching more deeply into what they do and how they do it, but so far it all looks pretty good.  Corn-based plastic that composts in 12 weeks (designed by Design21 - better design for the greater good).  Profits go to places that do not have clean water (first project is in Tamil Nadu, India).  And the founder's blog recommends tap water as first choice!  Pretty cool.  My favorite line in his post is one we should all pay attention to: We should not have to choose between the environment and our own well being simply to have a drink of water.

Thanks Reed Paget, the founder of Belu Water:

The Great Tap Debate
Tap water is unquestionably the most eco-friendly source of water (unless you live next to a pristine stream). It is for this reason that Belu recommends tap water as the most environmental choice if you want a drink. This might sound odd coming from an organization selling bottled water, but if we are to save the planet, we must face reality.
But this issue is not as simple as it sounds. There are times when a bottle of water is very convenient. There are also many people who have reservations about the quality of tap water. For both these reasons, not everyone is always going to choose tap water.
For those occasions when bottled water is going to be chosen anyway, Belu has created the most eco-friendly bottled water on the market. We do not import or export our water to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping. We are converting to clean energy and offsetting all remaining CO2 emissions to become the world’s first Carbon Neutral bottled water. Belu has also introduced the UK’s first compostable bottle. Made from corn, these bottles can first be recycled and then at the end of their life, composted back to soil in only 8 weeks (a zillion times faster than petrol-chemical plastic bottles). Last but not least, Belu donates 100% of its profits to fund clean water projects in the UK and around the world.
As mentioned, one primary reason people choose bottled water is their concern about tap water quality. The easiest way to increase consumer confidence would be to raise the UK’s tap water standards to the highest in the world. Why settle for anything else?
To encourage the further adoption of tap water in the meantime, Belu is launching a world-class tap water filtration system for use in hotels, restaurants, businesses and at home. For anyone preferring tap water but seeking for a guarantee of purity, please email for an information pack.
Thanks for your interest in this issue. We should not have to choose between the environment and our own well being simply to have a drink of water.
Reed Paget
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