Canada's First Bottled Water Free Day March 11, 2010

Canadians once again at the forefront of water issues:  Canada's first Bottled Water Free Day will occur on campuses and communities across Canada March 11, 2010. The Polaris Institute, Canadian Federation of Students and the Sierra Youth Coalition are spearheading the day, hoping it will encourage Canadians to ban plastic water bottles and use public water.

The bottled water industry is a commercial giant that is coming under increased scrutiny regarding: safety of bottled water, weak bottled water regulatory and control standards, growing control of water, and the heavy social and ecological impacts from the bottled water industry. Producing bottled water consumes more energy, releases more harmful toxins into the environment, and is less regulated than municipal water systems.

To date 70 municipalities, 6 school boards and 3 campuses in Canada have banned provision and sale of bottled water. To participate in getting bottled water phased out of your community, organizations, businesses, schools and campuses can sign the pledge for Bottle Free Day, set up bottle free zones, and contact government leaders.  Some useful links:

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