It's time to get mad - and then get busy

This little website may not have a large readership, but we are going to put all our energy into supporting Bill McKibben's latest call to action:  IT IS TIME TO ACT ON GLOBAL WARMING.  Bill has written a brilliant piece we urge all to read.  In it he quotes David Brower, the greatest environmentalist of the late twentieth century, (who) explained amid the fight to save the Grand Canyon: "We are to hold fast to what we believe is right, fight for it, and find allies and adduce all possible arguments for our cause. If we cannot find enough vigor in us or them to win, then let someone else propose the compromise. We thereupon work hard to coax it our way. We become a nucleus around which the strongest force can build and function."  It is time for us to take a stand to save our planet.  Go to to learn how you can take action now.  Send Bill's article to everyone you know.  Organize.  Make change.  Our world depends on all of us now.Bill McKibben in Times SquareBill McKibben in Times Square