SAFE WATER: The New Pepsi Challenge


by John Bain (GoodB's Green Blogger)  The plastic bottle may soon be going the way of the professional fracker.

PepsiCo recently announced a new bottle made entirely of plant material – that’s right, PepsiCo, and this thing is 100% made from plants. As a bonus, the production of the bottle employs things you once thought were waste products – corn husks and the like.  

This new bottle mimics the chemical composition of PET, which contains the harmful compound phthalate, thought to cause endocrine system abnormalities in baby boys. However, this new bottle obviously features none of the side effects – not to mention that it’s not petroleum-based and so produces much less of a carbon footprint than the vanilla variety.Pepsi Plant BottlePepsi Plant Bottle

In 2009, Pepsi unveiled its new PlantBottle, made out of 30% plant material, and the blogosphere was rightfully suspicious. At the time, it may have seemed like just another greenwash. Pepsi is probably feeling pretty vindicated right about now, as this new bottle seems poised to finally oust phthalates from the consumer marketplace. It feels slightly awkward on the tongue, but: Go Pepsi!

Hopefully in the coming months we’ll see many other companies adopting this technology. That is, of course, if Pepsi chooses to share the secret recipe. It would be a shame to see patent protectionism keeping such an obvious benefit to all humankind under wraps.

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