Strengthen Your Water Activism

From the Jane Goodall Institute:  Want to get political on water issues? Check out these websites before getting started. They’re packed full of tools and resources that will help you understand the issues, provide opportunities for action, keep you up to date on the latest water news and events, support your activities, and connect you to activists around the globe.


The Forum for Leadership on Water is an independent group of water leaders and experts from across Canada that encourages government action to protect and steward our freshwater resources and ecosystems. Visit their newly launched site to get educated on water governance in Canada.


FreeFlo is an online social network designed to strengthen the global water activist community, challenge the privatization of water, and promote solidarity and water

justice for all. FreeFlo seeks to enable the growth of a water news and activist network that invites local groups to publish text, audio and video that brings local water issues into sharp focus on a global platform.Water ActivismWater Activism

End Water Poverty

There is a global crisis in water and sanitation. Billions of people live in the kind of squalor and disease that was eradicated long ago in developed world. The End Water Poverty campaign aims to change global policy and practices and is demanding that governments provide sanitation and water for the world's poorest people.

Blue Planet Project

The Blue Planet Project is an international civil society movement begun by The Council of Canadians to protect the world’s fresh water from the growing threats of trade and privatization.

International Rivers

International Rivers protects rivers and defends the rights of communities that depend on them. Through research, education and advocacy, International Rivers works to halt destructive river infrastructure projects, address the legacies of existing projects, improve development policies and practices, and promote water and energy solutions for a just and sustainable world.

Inside the Bottle

Inside the Bottle is a Polaris Institute project designed to stimulate citizen awareness about the bottled water industry. The website is full of useful articles and campaign tools to help you better understand the issues and take action.

Think Outside the Bottle

Think Outside the Bottle is a campaign run by Corporate Accountability International. Its purpose is to increase awareness about the environmental effects of bottling water and encourage people to drink tap water. Members take a pledge to ensure that they will do all they can do.

Unbottle It!

Run by the Council of Canadians, Unbottle it! is an online campaign focused on promoting the banning of water bottle sales in schools and municipalities. It promotes this cause by providing facts and resources, and by reminding us that water is a human right and should not be generating profits for large corporations.

Public Citizen

Public Citizen’s Energy Program provides activists and policy makers with the tools they need to advocate for and attain a reliable and sustainable energy future. Although based in the U.S., Public Citizen’s Water Activism page is full of useful resources to take action.

Article 31

Article 31 is a web petition advocating for water to be recognized as a human right. In 1948, 30 articles of the Declaration of Human Rights were ratified by the United Nations, none of which pertained to the right to clean drinking water. Sign this petition to support the fight for article 31 to be added to the Declaration.

Volunteer for a “Water Champion”

Visit The Waterhole for a list of organizations that champion water issues in communities across Canada. Find one that’s right for you, and offer to volunteer.