From Alternet, one of the most important alternative news sources:

With Black Friday approaching, many Americans will be rushing to the store to buy, buy, buy — and many others may be proudly staying away, swearing off the pressure to consume. But when it comes to water, we're all avid consumers — and not just during the holidays. We need to drink it every day just to survive, and it's necessary for growing our food, keeping ourselves clean, and powering our cars and homes, too.

Without water, we're nothing. It's humbling and hopefully also eye-opening, because right now the world is facing a severe water crisis. Thousands are dying daily, agriculture is strained, and we're pushing our resources past the tipping point. But here's the good news: Since we all need water to survive, we can all work together on this.

AlterNet’s most beautiful book: Water Matters: Why We Need to Act Now to Protect Our Most Critical Resource is a great place to start. (Buy your copy here at the special discounted price of $11.95 - 40% off!) The book features incredible essays from some of the world’s top writers and environmental activists, including Barbara Kingsolver, Bill McKibben, Maude Barlow, and over a hundred photographs from world-class photographers. And by the way, I edited the book. I spent many months working to bring together everything I think you’ll need to be truly informed and inspired.

Through stunning writing and visual imagery, our contributors present the hard truth about our water crisis — how we got into this mess — but also how we can get out of it. I know right now we have a lot of messes to clean up — from economics to politics — but water is one that transcends all boundaries, belongs to all of us, and will take all of us to fix.Water MattersWater Matters